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Who We Are

Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) is the industry leader in providing consumer lending advice to credit unions across North America.  Rex Johnson founded the University of Lending, a comprehensive five day lending school, in 1996 and has since trained over 25,000 credit union employees.   Rex Johnson and his team of experts have helped credit unions achieve dramatic improvements in their loan ratios, bottom lines and member service practices.  We are uniquely qualified to improve your credit union’s loan growth, while delivering superior lending service to your staff.  

University of Lending

Are you ready to take your lending program to the next level, while restoring enthusiasm & excitement to your lenders?  Rex Johnson, the industry's leading lending expert, has helped hundreds of credit unions achieve dramatic improvements in their loan ratios, bottom lines and member service practices. Your credit union will experience these same outstanding results and much more by implementing the proven strategies and successful techniques taught at this one-of-a-kind lending school.

Rex Johnson's Revolutionary HYLS (High Yield Lending Strategy) Underwriting Guide HYLS stands for...
Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. is the only place you need to go for your credit union's...
The Portfolio Analysis is an external audit completed by LSCI which provides insight into areas of...
Everyone likes exclusivity - it's evident in the way consumers purchase goods, the abundance of...
Whether celebrating Christmas, another holiday tradition or abstaining from holidays altogether and...
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Rex Johnson and the LSCI team are coming to the Lone Star State for a special one-day University of...
02/06/2018 to 02/08/2018
Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: About the Seminar The Management...
05/16/2017 to 05/18/2017
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