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Engaging credit union members on social media

Engaging credit union members on social media can be easy.

Credit unions naturally want to have a good relationship with all their members. These relationships can drive retention and word-of-mouth referrals, which are both valuable goals to set. There are many ways to engage members, but one that modern credit unions can no longer do without is social media. Now, the question is not whether credit unions need a social media presence, but how to create one that will engage a particular set of members. While credit unions that have never used social media before may struggle to answer this question, it is not as difficult as many think. Here are a few ideas on how to capture members' attention on social media:

Lead with images
Social media posts with images outperform those that are text-only, according to social media expert Maggie McGary. This is especially true now that most people have a working, Internet-connected camera in their pockets in the form of a smartphone. Platforms like Instagram are buzzing with users who are most interested in seeing pictures - not in reading text.

Credit unions can hop on board this trend by using images of many kinds in their social media postings, from stock images to photographs the credit union, its employees and members who give their permission to appear in pictures online. It's also a good idea to use pictures that people really like to look at, like photographs of cute animals or impressive nature scenes, to draw attention. Of course, the image with a post should have something to do with the text, if there is any, but credit unions should feel free to get creative and engage their members through visual means.

Provide interesting content
While images are great to get members' attention, keeping them interested in a social media page or linked website often requires text. Content that is informative and entertaining can help credit unions get their members to spend more time on their websites and blogs, perhaps encouraging them to investigate financial products the credit unions offer. Credit unions can create a wide range of content, from short Facebook or Twitter updates to a lengthy blog on how to open and use a savings account. Giving members information they can digest in their own time can increase participation in social media. Good posts invite comments, which is in itself a form of engagement.