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International Credit Union Day 2014 focuses on service

Credit unions are celebrating their local and global service this International Credit Union Day.

The World Council of Credit Unions has celebrated International Credit Union Day since 1948, and this year the theme is "Local Service. Global Good," according to the organization's website. The day itself - Oct. 16 this year - is meant to focus attention on credit unions' history and contributions and celebrate credit union leaders and members alike.

"ICU Day was established to acknowledge credit unions' strong base in their communities, both local and global," Brian Branch, World Council of Credit Unions president and CEO, said in a release. "This year's theme champions the credit union model by shining light on the industry's support of charity causes at the local, national and international levels."

Logos, Facebook profile pictures and posters are available for download at the organization's website, and member credit unions received promotional materials earlier in the year. Credit unions worldwide will be celebrating the day, but it's also an opportunity to focus on service throughout the rest of the year.

Credit union leaders should ask themselves what charitable activities their organizations are involved in, whether in the community or on a larger scale. Involvement of this kind raises the profile of credit unions and can draw curiosity from potential members. For this reason, it's important to publicize charitable involvement in the right way, so it will be visible and contribute to the credit union's image in the eyes of the community.

Credit unions are in an ideal position to contribute to their communities. A quick look at Twitter mentions of International Credit Union Day shows credit unions have chosen to get involved in many ways, from surprising shoppers at a local grocery by picking up their tabs to organizing daylong service projects to commemorate the occasion. This energy and creativity can extend throughout the year and help show community members just how valuable credit unions can be to them.