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Member Activation Program draws members to advocate for their credit union

Studies show members respond to advocacy messaging from their credit unions.

Research done by the Credit Union National Association shows that advocacy messaging strongly correlates to member loyalty and a desire for members to do more business with their credit union.

With that information in mind, CUNA decided to put together a program all credit unions can choose to take part in. It's called the Member Activation Program, and when a credit union signs up, CUNA will provide the credit union with content and ways to deliver messages to members. CUNA's research shows that members respond best to messaging that comes directly from their credit union as opposed to other sources. CUNA says that credit unions can expect increased loyalty from members through this program.

According to CUNA's first quarter report, over 100 credit unions have signed up for MAP with 6.5 million members participating. Oregon has seen some big results from the program so far after six Oregon credit unions signed up for it.

"Members respond best to messaging that comes directly from their credit union."

"MAP not only provides credit unions with the resources to engage their members in advocacy, it also helps to drive loyalty," Political and Grassroots Manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association Samantha Beeler said. "If a member decides to answer a call to action, CUNA's research shows the member will also want to leverage more of their credit union's services, and be more involved than ever."

The goal is to help the credit union movement by informing members on the issues that credit unions face. Once informed, members who feel connected to their credit union are more likely to stand up for the issues and reach out to politicians on credit unions' behalf.

One message from Oregon State Credit Union about why credit unions struggle with offering competitive credit card rates prompted its members to send Congress over 500 messages about the topic.

CUNA President and CEO Jim Nussle wrote for the Credit Union Journal that credit unions offer members something banks can't. Credit unions are governed by their members, work for the betterment of the community and are not-for-profit entities. Nussle said that, through MAP, credit unions and members alike can inform others about what is important to them and work together to grow the impact of credit unions.

The results have shown that more credit unions are taking advantage of MAP and seeing positive results. Kathie Philp, president and CEO of Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union in Oregon, told NWCUA that her credit union has found success through MAP.

"MAP allows Pacific Crest FCU to engage our members who are more than willing to fight for the credit union they love," she said.