Rex Johnson's Revolutionary HYLS Underwriting Guide

HYLS stands for High Yield Lending Strategy or its latest nickname 'How You Lend Smart.'  This guide is not only revolutionizing the way credit unions approach lending, but ultimately, it is changing member's lives.  The automated, online guide works by capturing a more intimate and in-depth snapshot of the 'Credit Union to Member' relationship, which is not shown in a traditional credit score.  By simply asking a series of questions about a member's finances, HYLS has been proven to more accurately reflect the individual's ability to repay.  By design, the Guide is easy to use, providing instant feedback on loans, allowing lenders to build more loans with more confidence.    

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Benefits of the HYLS Underwriting Guide:

  • Requires lenders to get the facts with an in-depth interview and thorough application
  • Helps identify missed warning signs and shows positive factors on which lenders can build a loan further 

Now Featuring Indirect Lending!

As the economy changes, we continually update HYLS to make it faster and more user friendly.  Rex has created a new feature - HYLS Indirect.  This latest option adds focus to the purchase order along with the loan application and credit report.  This will create more confidence in loans when we are depending on the dealer to gather the information.  The positive and negative factors on the HYLS scorecard will assist lenders in identifying concerns or opportunities to build loans.  If a current user of HYLS and would like to have this feature turned on, please email us at hyls@rexcuadvice.com for the request. 

HYLS Can Save Your Credit Union Thousands!

We welcome all credit unions to take advantage of our 2-week FREE trial and see how easy it is to develop loans even further.  We suggest putting turndowns, recently charged off loans, or bankrupt loans through HYLS, to see  how The Guide may have saved your credit union from making a mistake or how a turndown could have turned into a loan.

Get Started With Your Free 2-Week Trial Today!

  1. Click on the 'HYLS Underwriting Guide Calculator' in the lower left hand corner of our homepage or visit:  https://www.24x7loans.com/HYLSUnderwritingGuide/Main.aspx
  2. The HYLS Underwriting Guide homepage will appear
  3. Click 'New User' & continue
  4. Enter your credit union's Charter Number - Please email hyls@rexcuadvice.com if you do not know your Charter Number
  5. Fill in the contact information and agree to the Terms of Use
  6. Create  your own passwords - Note:  One password will allow access for the guide and the second password will be used for the Administrative Reporting
  7. The login will appear.  Enter your Charter Number and password.

*Multiple employees can use HYLS at once

Justifying the Cost:

Rex Johnson's 'HYLS Underwriting Guide' (High Yield Lending Strategy) is affordable for both large and small credit unions alike.  If the Guide can save the credit union one charged-off loan, it easily pays for a year's worth of HYLS!

$1.00* per click - Platinum Membership to rexcuadvice.com and an LSI relationship

$1.25* per click - Platinum Membership to rexcuadvice.com or an LSI relationship

$1.50* per click - No Platinum Membership and No LSI relationship

*There are no minimums, set up fees or maintenance fees associated with HYLS.

Webinar Archive:

To learn more about Rex Johnson's High Yield Lending Strategy Underwriting Guide, view the FREE webinar here:


This webinar has no password.  Click on the play button and fill out the required contact info and the webinar will begin playing immediately.

What People Are Saying About HYLS:

"The economy has changed at a fundamental level, and we as lenders have to adjust to that change or suffer the consequences.  HYLS allows us to make prudent business decisions, really help members, and achieve growth in loans and profitability.  We are firmly convinced that HYLS is, and will continue to be, an important part of who we are.  From a functionality and profitability standpoint, we are very satisfied."

Joe Slattery, Pioneer CU

"I used the HYLS Guide 15 times on my first day back from the seminar.  I am very surprised on some, and pleasantly surprised on others.  This is a great tool for the gray areas of lending.  Since I am one of two loan underwriters in my company, this is a very helpful tool.  Thank you so much, Rex!"

Dee Ann Ridley, ComFed CU

"We love the new HYLS Underwriting Guide!  It helps our loan officers by making those tough decisions more clear cut and the automation of the guide makes it very quick and painless for our lending staff."

Cindy Gribben, NATCO

"HYLS truly helps loan officers focus more on the application and credit report.  Working high risk loans on a computer screen, you tend to miss things.  When I went back to previous charged off loans and ran them through the HYLS Underwriting Guide, I discovered I could have saved the credit union thousands of dollars, having used this product.  Money well spent!"

Joe Rice, Magnolia FCU

"I have been in this business 30 years and it's probably the toughest loan underwriting environment I have ever seen.  The tool is effective for identifying risky loans, but may be more important for making sure we are not turning down members.  HYLS has given our loan officers confidence to make loans that should be approved.  Our senior loan officers tell us it's like having a second loan officer look over the application."

Mark Starr, Florida CU

"Our loan officers often don't want to make those difficult recommendations on their own, with all that is going on in the economy.  HYLS is helping them better assess risk, and it has given them confidence because they know they've conducted a better loan interview."

Karen Church, ELGA CU

"We love HYLS and find it very helpful!  It forces us to think about areas of the loan that we would normally not have paid attention to (Multiple refinances on primary mortgage, lack of funds on deposit with CU, etc.)  We ran some denied and charged-off loans through HYLS and loved the results!"

Martin Misset, Waterbury CT Teachers FCU

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