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LSCI Announces Move to New Arlington Heights, IL Headquarters

Arlington Heights, IL, September 16, 2020 – Lending Solutions Consulting (LSCI) is excited to announce it has opened its new headquarters in beautiful downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois. The new space includes a conference center where the company will be able to hold many of its in-person training schools in early 2021.

“We remain focused on the ongoing transformation of our business and maximizing client value. We are pleased with how our new headquarters has turned out,” said David Johnson, CEO of LSCI. "It will be an outstanding destination for credit unions once we start hosting classes in-person in 2021,” Johnson added.

Now in its 25th year of offering training solutions and ancillary services to credit unions, LSCI began hosting virtual schools in April to accommodate client needs during the pandemic. In addition to its flagship University of Lending school, LSCI has expanded its training offerings in recent years to include a comprehensive curriculum of courses including:

  • Branch Manager Workshop
  • Collections Institute
  • Credit Card Strategy Workshop
  • Cross-Selling Workshop
  • Financial Report Analysis Workshop
  • Indirect Lending Institute
  • Management Institute
  • Teller Training Workshop
  • Underwriter Boot Camp

LSCI’s upcoming e-course schedule can be found here:



TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 – ELGIN, IL - Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) is proud to announce a partnership with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA Extension), the number one ranked public university in the country, to offer the most advanced training available to credit union professionals today. Through this unique partnership, LSCI and UCLA Extension have developed an executive level curriculum for the Advanced Lending Institute (ALI) that enables credit union leaders to earn a Certified Lending Expert designation (CLE).

“The Advanced Lending Institute trains experts, and the CLE designation will not only set you apart from other lenders, but it will be the mark of a higher standard for your institution,” said David Tuyo, presenter for ALI and CEO of University Credit Union.

"I highly encourage others to pursue a CLE designation, especially if the intention is to seek a role in management. I have been in lending for over 30 years, and I have found that there is always something new to learn!" said Tim Sallee, CLE, of Kemba Indy Credit Union.

“Our CLE designation raises the bar for excellence among lending experts and creates a new gold standard,” said David Johnson, CEO at Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. “Candidates will have the opportunity to learn from some of the country’s best to become leaders of our industry and develop skills that make for a more successful career,” Johnson added.

To learn more about earning a CLE designation or for more details on the ALI school, click here or the UCLA Extension Portal.

Stay tuned for our next ALI school coming in April 2020 in Pensacola, FL.


ELGIN, IL, MAY 10, 2019 – Lending Solutions Consulting (LSCI) is proud to announce the schedule of training courses for the third and fourth quarters for 2019. Continuing the tradition that Rex Johnson started 25 years ago, LSCI will host 7 schools in different cites across the country and will debut a brand new ‘Lending and Collections Academy’ in Las Vegas.  In LSCI's very first Lending and Collections Academy, hosted by Ed Swanson and Karin Brown-Purtell, attendees will experience the best of both worlds, achieving a greater understanding about how collections can be a lending opportunity.

LSCI remains committed to helping credit unions achieve their goals, while educating staff with strategies to improve members’ financial well-being. “Highly trained and motivated employees is an important component of the success of a credit union,” said David Johnson, CEO of LSCI. “Our training programs give credit unions the opportunity to find solutions and achieve their goals.” 








FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2019 – ELGIN, IL - Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) will debut the 10th edition of its renowned lending manual at its upcoming University of Lending schools in San Antonio and Chicago.  The new manual reflects Rex Johnson’s lending principles, but will feature a wealth of new loan examples, training tools, a focus on interpreting scores codes, and effective closing techniques.  A topic also introduced this year is how to lend to those with a high amount of education debt.  

“We are committed to evolving as a company, and that includes continuing to enhance our curriculum regularly,” states David Johnson, CEO of LSCI. “Educating credit unions is the core of our DNA, and we’re proud to launch a manual that brings innovative ideas and keeps our attendees engaged.”  Johnson added, “Although our school in San Antonio has sold out, the March school in Chicago has some space available for credit unions that want to get their people trained for the busy Spring and Summer lending seasons.”

May 6-10 | Hoffman Estates, IL


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2019 – ELGIN, IL - Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) has undergone a comprehensive rebranding effort to reflect its evolving business model. Since 1996, LSCI has provided training and consulting services for thousands of credit unions nationwide. The rebrand will embrace new opportunities, focusing on the power of training employees and helping credit unions fulfill their mission of ‘serving the under-served’, while improving bottom-line performance. The rebrand reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its enthusiasm and vision for the future.

"Our rebranding effort was ignited by increased demand and the desire to take branding to the next level via a more thorough and strategic approach," stated David Johnson, CEO of LSCI. “We made adjustments to match the demographic shifts occurring. Our brand transformation better represents where the company is today and our vision for the future,” Johnson added. 

In an effort to further assist credit unions in achieving their goals, LSCI plans to launch a marketing service offering for credit unions in Q1. “We took time to understand the culture and history of the company, as well as the clients we serve,” said Stephanie Czekalski, LSCI’s Managing Director of Marketing. "This new representation demonstrates our versatility as a company - expanding our offering, pushing into new markets, and providing a full-service approach as we continue to evolve and innovate," Czekalski added.

Since 1996, Lending Solutions Consulting has remained the industry leader in training and consulting services for credit unions nationwide. With the acclaimed University of Lending, the most comprehensive lending school for credit unions today, Founder Rex Johnson and his elite team of experts have trained over 50,000 credit union employees to achieve dramatic improvements in loan yields, ROAs, and member service practice. In addition to the University of Lending, LSCI offers on-site consulting, portfolio analysis, HYLS, the Smart Loan Audit, and marketing as a service.


ELGIN, IL – WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2018 - Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) is proud to announce that two more executives have recently achieved a Certified Lending Expert (CLE) designation.  Tonia Lanier and Morgan Wescott of Down East Credit Union (Maine) achieved their accreditation status after completing LSCI’s Advanced Lending Institute in June.

The CLE designation is offered through a unique partnership between LSCI and California Southern University. The two institutions have jointly developed an executive level curriculum that enables credit union leaders to take the next step in their career advancement.

“We are extremely proud of the legacy we’re building with the Advanced Lending Institute (ALI) and the Certified Lending Expert (CLE) designation,” states David Tuyo, founder of the ALI. “Helping credit union executives reach new levels of success is extremely rewarding, and we will continue to grow the CLE program going forward.”

“As a long-time lender, I have learned many things in my 22 years at the credit union, however there has always been a desire to learn more. The CLE program exceeded my expectations as it encompasses everything lending-related and then some” said Tonia L. Lanier, CLE, Vice President of Down East Credit Union. “What Rex Johnson and the LSCI team have created is so valuable to our industry. This program covers the history of banking, underwriting, and risk management, but it doesn’t stop there. Our credit union will continue to invest in our team and put more lenders through this program, so they have that solid foundation to reach maximum potential” Lanier added.

CLE course topics include:  Trend Analysis, Strategic Planning, Ethics, Asset Liability Management, Incentive plans, Sales Culture, Consumer & Commercial Lending, Compliance, Regulatory Standards, Portfolio Management, Organization Culture and Planning.  CLE candidates must attend the Advanced Lending Institute, and in addition must complete two online courses from California Southern University as well as pass a rigorous final examination.

Lending Expert Rex Johnson to Retire on 75th Birthday; Hunter "Patch Adams" to Speak at Rex's Last University of Lending

ELGIN, IL – WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 - Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc (LSCI) announces date of the retirement of its founder, A. Rex Johnson. After 40 years in the industry, Rex will conclude his career on his 75th birthday – December 2 of this year. Rex has brought unyielding leadership, passion and commitment to the credit union industry, sharing his lending knowledge with thousands of credit unions across North America and Canada. He has trained more than 50,000 credit union employees to date. 

Rex’ message is simple – Help people and have passion for what you do; and ‘See what no one else sees’ – his mantra from the movie Patch Adams. “It has been a privilege and honor to know Rex Johnson,” said Cathy Ellis, President and CEO at Meijer Credit Union. “What an impact he has made in the credit union industry and to the hundreds of thousands of members credit unions serve across this country,” Ellis added.

Rex Johnson founded Baxter Credit Union (BCU) in 1980 and under his leadership, grew membership to 72,000 and assets to over $300 million. Johnson was named the Illinois Credit Union Executive of the year in 1986 at BCU.  Johnson started Lending Solutions, Inc. (LSI) in 1994 and LSCI in 2000. He authored four best-selling books and lending videos and was elected into the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame and CUES Hall of Fame in 2000. In 2017 Rex received CUNA’s Phil Greer Lifetime Achievement Award.

“My father [Rex Johnson] changed how credit unions lend, collect, and interact with members. His tireless efforts for 40 years to promote serving members and filling credit unions with passion has also changed the way they do business” said Lorrie Wolhfeil, COO at LSCI. “His message of ‘seeing what no one else sees’ will continue to steer the credit union movement to a better place. I could not be more excited about continuing to grow his legacy” added Wolhfeil. 

LSCI will host a celebratory University of Lending in Las Vegas this November, with a special dinner honoring Rex’s achievements and retirement. This once-in-a-lifetime University of Lending, hosted by all of LSCI’s consultants, will also feature keynote speaker, Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams, the physician and social activist in which the movie Patch Adams is based.

Patch Adams, M.D., is a nationally known speaker who believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process and has devoted his life to the study of what makes people happy. He explores the relationship between humor and therapy using his unique blend of knowledge, showmanship and "hands on" teaching techniques. Dr. Adams says, "I interpret my experience in life as being happy. I want, as a doctor, to say it does matter to your health to be happy. It may be the most important health factor in your life."  

Rex Johnson’s last Chicago University of Lending will be this September 17-21, 2018. Both Chicago and Vegas events are expected to sell out; attendees are encouraged to register early at

University of Lending
Rex Johnson’s “Young at Heart” Retirement Celebration
November 26-30, 2018
*Patch Adams to speak Friday, November 30.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
3960 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV, 89119

Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc Hires New Director of Corporate Strategy and Managing Director of Marketing

Elgin, IL - Tuesday, February 6, 2018 – Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc (LSCI), leading credit union consulting firm recently welcomed Tiffiny John and Stephanie Czekalski full time on staff. Tiffiny will take over as Director or Corporate Strategy; she will oversee day-to-day operations, as well as manage the Portfolio Analysis program and the HYLS Underwriting Guide integration and training efforts.  Stephanie will take over as Managing Director of Marketing, overseeing marketing strategy, communications, and creative efforts for the company.

Tiffiny John joins LSCI with 20 years' experience in Financial Banking industry, most recently as the Director of Underwriting and Loan Operations and as Director of Underwriting and Loan Operations at Lending Solutions (LSI).  Stephanie Czekalski joins LSCI with 15 years of marketing experience in the financial services space. Prior to LSCI, Stephanie was a Director of Marketing for Opus Capital Markets Consulting and Wipro Gallagher Solutions (Both subsidiaries of Wipro, LTD.)

“We are delighted to welcome Tiffiny and Stephanie full time at LSCI. As LSCI continues to grow, their talent and experience will prove to be valuable resources for our staff as well as the industry,” said Dave Johnson, CEO at LSCI.  “Their innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance LSCI’s strategic direction, growth, and influence in the industry,” Johnson added.

“I am thrilled to be working with Rex Johnson and team. I’ve always had a passion for lending and for helping credit unions grow,” said Tiffiny John. “We have many new ideas in the works including integrating HYLS into core systems.  We are also very eager to bring new products and new schools to the schedule,” John added.

Tiffiny will host an intense 2-day underwriter Loan Boot Camp Fall 2018 and Stephanie will lead marketing efforts introducing marketing services to credit unions.

“It is an exciting time to be a part of LSCI and I am eager to bring unity to the creative elements of the company,” Stephanie Czekalski said.  “Having worked with LSCI before, I know that LSCI brings great value to our credit union clients,” Czekalski added. “We are also expanding our effort to include marketing services to our customers, which will add more value and help credit unions achieve their own goals."

For more information about LSCI, contact 877-915-7675 or email