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Ancillary Lending Products

VisualGAP is a powerful internet-based analysis tool that allows Credit Unions to estimate the GAP risk on vehicle loans.  Developed by Frost Financial Services (Frost) as a cross-selling tool for Credit Unions that offer GAP coverage to their members, VisualGAP illustrates the scheduled Loan Amortization against the estimated depreciation of any specific vehicle loan.

As a subscriber to, Frost is pleased to allow you FREE access and usage of VisualGAP on a limited basis.  VisualGAP is the only lending tool that can help Credit Union management analyze the inherent collateral risk of various vehicle loans.  Here is a simple example:

Setting interest rates for new and used vehicle loans - Many credit unions charge higher loan rates for used  vehicles because they believe that they have greater collateral risk on used vehicles.  Although this may have had some validity in prior years, in today's world we are experiencing the fifth consecutive year of severely depressed used car values. 

What does this mean to Credit Union lenders?  Check it out for yourself! Go to and enter your assigned login id and password.  Compare the collateral risk on new vehicle loans versus used vehicle loans. We think that the illustrations may have many lenders rethinking their pricing strategies.