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Credit Card Services

Card Analysis Solutions was founded in November 2003 by Ondine Irving, a 20 year credit union industry veteran. The fundamental reason for creating Card Analysis Solutions was to offer credit unions a complete, unbiased solution to overcome the complexities of managing card portfolios in areas of both operations and marketing.  Card Analysis Solutions evaluates strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of card portfolios in areas of both marketing and operations. They also provide an objective, factual viewpoint for credit union's that may be considering selling their portfolio.

Card Analysis Solutions is not affiliated with any particular card processor, association or portfolio broker, and can offer unbiased opinions and recommendations that will truly benefit credit unions.

Ondine's background includes 20 years in the credit union industry, including 12 years employed at Baxter Credit Union, 5 years at the nation's top Credit Union card processing organization and most recently the credit union's premier market research firm.  Ondine has worked with some of the nation's largest credit unions improving the overall performance of credit and debit card portfolios. Ondine has helped credit unions stimulate growth in the card programs, while saving thousands of dollars annually, increasing income and introducing new effective marketing approaches.

Card Analysis Solutions Services Include:

  • Complete analysis of the credit and debit card programs
  • Recommendations to improve portfolio performances
  • Customized marketing tactics geared towards your Credit Union
  • Operational Audit of the card programs
  • Processor Invoice Audit
  • Review of pricing, fees and enhancements
  • Analysis of Enhancement Programs
  • Assistance developing new product lines

For more information, please visit or call toll free at 1-866-602-9777. Ondine can be reached at