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Proven Results

"I attended Jack Kelly's University of Lending in Nashville and truly had a great experience!"  Kenneth Smith, Senior Loan Officer, Members First Credit Union of Florida

“I wanted to thank you for everything this week in Nashville.  I've been in some form of a lending role since 2003 and I have to say that I learned more in 3 days with you than I have in all of my years put together.”  Erin L. Walter, Brown-Forman Employees Credit Union

“We must find more opportunities to learn from the LSCI team!  LSCI’s seminars provide the tools needed for your toolbox. You will become a better member advocate and an asset to the credit union.”  Brittany Breakiron, Shell FCU

"Thank you Ed for a wonderful conference!  I have been in the credit union industry for 6 years and during the conference, it hit me that I needed to reprogram myself to make a difference.  I look forward to the new venture that I am about to go on, but most excited about what we can do for our members.  Thank you you for “waking me up.”  Donald C. Gillespie, Crossroads Financial FCU

“Ed Swanson’s University of Lending training is one of the best educational events I've attended in my 28 years in the credit union industry. Ed is an EXCELLENT speaker who truly cares about credit unions and their members.  UNOFCU can't wait to put his ideas to work!” Chris Maurer, CEO, UNOFCU

“Bob Schroeder gives us that energy boost to take our service to the highest level.  His passion for showing credit unions ways to improve the member’s financial well-being and taking care of their needs gives our staff purpose to turn dreams into reality for members.  LSCI isn’t just a consumer lending philosophy; the same applies throughout mortgage and commercial lending as well when working with our members and reviewing loan decisions.”  John Moore, Wauna Credit Union

“I definitely recommend the Collections Institute to any credit union collector or manager.  Karin’s level of knowledge and willingness to help is key in making a comprehensive learning experience. Thank you for all of the valuable information - It was very easy to understand and applicable to our current collections climate.”  Patrick J. Cadena, Collections and Loss Prevention Manager, Sandia Area FCU

“In the 10+ years I have been doing collections and all the seminars I have been to, Karin's was hands down the best ever!  It was awesome!  I would love to get my staff into one your classes soon or even better have you come visit credit union!”  Shane Seider, Collections Manager, River City FCU

"Karin, you are a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful person that shares her knowledge. I should have taken this course a year ago. You are a true blessing for the credit union Industry."  Esther F. Davila, AVP-Loan Servicing and Collections, USC Credit Union

"Just reaching out to you to tell you thank you. My 3 days spent with you was amazing. The information was well-presented and gave insight to a whole new way of looking at things."  Jeri Bishop, Del Norte Credit Union

 "I would like to thank you for such a good conference last week! I learned so many things and it was a nice refresher. This is the second time I have attended and it's one of the best conferences I have ever been to."  Ashley Calloway, CAS Manager, Infuze Credit Union  

"The Indirect Lending Institute delivers relevant and informative content for credit unions at all experience levels to start, build, and manage an indirect lending program.  Ed Swanson provides credit unions with the knowledge to thrive in today’s lending environment." Sara Robinson, Vice President of Consumer Lending, Evansville Teachers FCU

“Ed’s advice and knowledge is spot-on for credit unions building successful and long-lasting indirect programs.”  Mark Hettinger, First Alliance Credit Union

"I came away from the Indirect Lending Institute with a lot of great information and connections, so very happy to have attended!"  Ken Emmes, Underwriting Manager, Oregon Community CU

"I really enjoyed the Indirect School.  I have so many big ideas and aspirations, it’s good to know I share a similar mindset as someone as highly respected as Ed.  I learned so much at the school. The time is at hand to have a change in philosophy and direction as it relates to a sales culture.  Thanks again!" Robert E. Hilley III, Chief Business Development Officer, Buckeye Community FCU

"I have worked for the credit union for 30 years and this is the first time our ROA is over 10 - All with the help of Bob, Rex and his team. Thank you and we are 100% in!"  Jaime Stainbrook, Bar-Cons FCU

"It is so helpful to bring such a diverse group of people together sharing a common goal of helping improve people's lives. The ideas brought forth each year help credit unions take a good idea, improve upon it and share those new successes the next year. The creativity and enthusiasm is contagious."  Tim Sallee, KEMBA

"The wealth of knowledge and information provided by the LSCI team and from the attendees is something not available at most events.  I learned a lot and look forward to attending again."  D’Anne Turner, Shell FCU

"Best ROI of any conference I have ever attended. I credit LSCI and Ed Swanson with making my CU exceptional!"

"An outstanding experience...It was excellent!  Thank you for all the hard work you out into this event, it is really appreciated!"

"The Management Institute provides the opportunity to learn and network with peers that have the passion, focus, and purpose of taking care of their members at the highest level in the industry while getting amazing results for the credit union." 

“Our NCUA audit report commented favorably on our use of LSCI’s third-party audit findings and our proactive approach to implementing recommended changes.   “We are thrilled with the results!”  Terri Rath-Massy, Operations Manager, Consumer Lending at USAlliance

“LSCI’s loan audit program has helped us objectively identify strengths, weaknesses and cross-selling opportunities in our underwriting department.  As such, we’ve been able to make stronger, smarter and more profitable loans.”  Amanda Habansky, CUDE Chief Operating Officer

"Ed, Thanks for helping jumpstart this group and being a part of our success.  The team is having a blast and doing an amazing job!"  Chuck Adcock, CEO, Florida State University Credit Union

"Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, Ed.  I learned a lot and I can tell a difference in my underwriting.  Always a pleasure!"  Gabby Sulaka, Consumer Loan Underwriter, Extra Credit Union

"I wanted to thank you for the long hours you put in last week for Dupaco’s lending training! The feedback we are receiving is positive and I personally enjoyed being able to sit in on all the sessions! I learned so much and appreciate all you “Ed”ucated our staff on!"  Jill Rothenberger, VP, Consumer Lending, Dupaco Community Credit Union

"Ed, Thank you for the outstanding presentation! We really appreciate the energy and the message you brought. We have really gotten outstanding feedback and are hoping it will put some fuel on the fire!  Thank you for helping to get us all on the “ALL IN” TRAIN!"  Kerry Caringi, Training and Development Manager, Zeal Credit Union

"Ed, It was an honor meeting you and having the opportunity to both listen and hear you speak your passion.  I learned a lot about how to read a credit report and I’m already implementing the tool that you shared to see if they are trending up or down."  Bridget Cook, Mortgage Supervisor, Frankenmuth Credit Union

"Wow!  What an awesome speaker!  I learned so much from listening to Ed!!  Thanks for bringing him in to speak to us!"  Bev Rappley, Operations Support Center, Frankenmuth Credit Union

"Ed, You did an outstanding job!  You do have a passion for teaching and relate very well to our folks. Thank you for working with us and helping our credit unions to become better lenders! I am very pleased with the results."  Tom McWilliams, CMP, CCUE, CUDE, Senior Vice President, Mississippi Credit Union Association

"Ed's training provided so many outlets to make every experience a 'once in a lifetime experience' for members. Ed has provided us with the tools that can literally change a member's life. I am excited to see what I can do to help our members and improve their financial well-being.  This was not just a weekend of training that I will forget, I will be able to use these tools my ENTIRE career."  Hayley Nordsving, First Alliance Credit Union

"Ed, It’s our pleasure to have you and what you deliver is contagious!"  Peter St. Onge, Senior Lending Manager, Infinity Federal Credit Union

"Thank you Ed for another exciting week!  Our staff reaction is extremely positive and we so appreciate it."  Kandy Moreau, Chief Lending Officer, Infinity FCU

"The economy has changed at a fundamental level, and we as lenders have to adjust to that change or suffer the consequences.  HYLS allows us to make prudent business decisions, really help members, and achieve growth in loans and profitability.  We are firmly convinced that HYLS is, and will continue to be, an important part of who we are.  From a functionality and profitability standpoint, we are very satisfied."  Joe Slattery, Pioneer CU

"I used the HYLS Guide 15 times on my first day back from the seminar.  I am very surprised on some, and pleasantly surprised on others.  This is a great tool for the gray areas of lending.  Since I am one of two loan underwriters in my company, this is a very helpful tool.  Thank you so much, Rex!"  Dee Ann Ridley, ComFed CU

"We love the HYLS Underwriting Guide!  It helps our loan officers by making those tough decisions more clear cut and the automation of the guide makes it very quick and painless for our lending staff."  Cindy Gribben, NATCO

"HYLS truly helps loan officers focus more on the application and credit report.  Working high risk loans on a computer screen, you tend to miss things.  When I went back to previous charged off loans and ran them through the HYLS Underwriting Guide, I discovered I could have saved the credit union thousands of dollars, having used this product.  Money well spent!"  Joe Rice, Magnolia FCU

"I have been in this business 30 years and it's probably the toughest loan underwriting environment I have ever seen.  The tool is effective for identifying risky loans, but may be more important for making sure we are not turning down members.  HYLS has given our loan officers confidence to make loans that should be approved.  Our senior loan officers tell us it's like having a second loan officer look over the application."  Mark Starr, Florida CU

"Our loan officers often don't want to make those difficult recommendations on their own, with all that is going on in the economy.  HYLS is helping them better assess risk, and it has given them confidence because they know they've conducted a better loan interview."  Karen Church, ELGA CU

"We love HYLS and find it very helpful!  It forces us to think about areas of the loan that we would normally not have paid attention to (Multiple refinances on primary mortgage, lack of funds on deposit with CU, etc.)  We ran some denied and charged-off loans through HYLS and loved the results!"  Martin Misset, Waterbury CT Teachers FCU