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Are We Neglecting One of Our Key Departments? It’s time we give our collections department a little respect

The key to financial success is growing loans.  However, loan growth can be a liability if charge-offs and provisions skyrocket.  You cannot afford to neglect your collections area! ...


LSCI has a proven track record of helping credit unions reach and exceed their goals through our training and consulting programs. Our experts will train as many or as few employees as requested, accommodating the needs, goals, and...

Lending/Decision Making 

Do your lenders have barriers to make loans or are they scared off from making loans due to high delinquency? 

Currently, investment yield is declining and we need loan yield to increase earnings.  How can we make this happen? Our consultants will help you look at...

Rex Johnson's Revolutionary HYLS (High Yield Lending Strategy) Underwriting Guide

HYLS stands for High Yield Lending Strategy or its latest nickname 'How to Lend Smart.'  This guide is not only revolutionizing the way credit unions approach lending, but ultimately, it is changing member's lives...


Planning Sessions

Let LSCI assist in strategizing for the upcoming year and help meet goals of 10%+ loan growth, 8.5-10% loan yield and maintain reasonable delinquency and charge offs.  Our consultants can also assist with:

How and where to grow loans Pricing Action plans to reach...

The Portfolio Analysis is an external audit completed by LSCI's Certified Lending Experts (CLE).The analysis shows how to boost the bottom line by illustrating specific techniques to increase earnings and decrease losses. We apply Rex Johnson's successful lending principals directly to your own...

Sales Culture

Does your staff need motivation to sell and look beyond just "filling the order?"  Our high energy experts will motivate you and your staff to achieve world class results.

Implementation of an incentive program that will best fit the credit union's needs and achieve your...
"Developing a Confident, Engaging, and Fearless Sales Force" Sales Training Series - Presented by Jack Kelly

To broaden the scope of credit union training efforts, Jack Kelly gives crucial tools for your staff to educate members on all products and services in his 4-Part Online Sales...

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Training Manuals / Books

More Passion For Lending

More Passion For Lending
Price: $25.00

University of Lending Manual - 10th Edition

University of Lending Manual - 10th Edition
Price: $99.95