Portfolio Analysis

The Portfolio Analysis is an external audit completed by LSCI which provides insight into areas of your credit union that are excelling and pinpoints areas which may be prohibiting you from reaching your goals. The completed analysis will assist your credit union in boosting your bottom line by illustrating specific techniques to increase earnings and decrease losses.

The portfolio analysis takes Rex Johnson's successful lending principals and applies them directly to your own lending examples, policies, and rates. If your credit union is struggling to keep an R.O.A. over 1% or has seen a significant increase in loan losses, this is a must!

LSCI Will Review:

  • Current loan policies and rates with detailed suggestions on removing barriers and offering "world-class" rates.
  • Financial Performance Reports outlining areas hindering your earnings
  • New member accounts/process targeted at increasing new member sales.
  • Recent auto loans (direct and indirect) aimed at evaluating risk and missed opportunities.
  • Turndown applications to assess whether you may be missing business.
  • Collection accounts including collection notes and original applications. Non-performing loans to evaluate trends or predictability at the time of origination.
  • Any other areas specified by the credit union including a full policy re-write.

What Will Your Credit Union Get In Return?

  • An easy to read written report that summarizes our findings and our recommendations based on the individual credit union's findings.
  • Our suggested rates, policy enhancements, incentive plans, and training tools.
  • A conference call after you and your senior management team have reviewed the analysis. (We suggest splitting the analysis up between the senior management team.)

We strongly recommend your credit union complete a Portfolio Analysis if considering implementing tiered pricing or have not seen the yields you were anticipating from the program. In addition, any credit union partaking in an indirect program cannot afford to have dealer loans put on your books without a detailed review. Implementing Rex Johnson's successful sales strategies is a must if you are experiencing marginal loan growth and loan to asset ratio under 85%.

HYLS Analysis - High Yield Lending Strategy Underwriting Guide

Our team of experts will run some of your recent loans and turndowns through Rex Johnson's revolutionary 'HYLS Underwriting Guide', an automated online decsion guide that is changing the way credit union's approach lending. The results will illustrate first-hand how effective this guide really is. Many have already discovered just by using HYLS, they could have saved the credit union thousands of dollars!!!