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"Developing a Confident, Engaging, and Fearless Sales Force"

Sales Training Series - Presented by Jack Kelly

To broaden the scope of credit union training efforts, Jack Kelly gives crucial tools for your staff to educate members on all products and services in his 4-Part Online Sales Training Series. The training is geared toward operations, new hire trainers, branch managers, assistant mangers, and employees who have the most face-time with members.

This training is a must for credit unions that either want to initiate a sales culture or to take their existing culture to the next level. This series will be available via archive for all future new-hires or as a refresher course for existing staff.

Registration & Cost

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$395* for Platinum and Non-Platinum members of**
**Jack Kelly's Sales Training Webinars are separate from the webinars included in the Platinum Membership Package.
*If booking for consulting services from Jack Kelly within three months of registering for this webinar training, your $395 will be refunded.


Each Webinar Focuses on an Aspect of Training:

Webinar 1

Successful Sales Training in 7 Easy Steps

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Training the Trainers - Are trainers adept at what a sales culture is? Are they teaching sales skills during new employees training?

Hiring - Are we hiring the right people for a successful sales culture?

Infinite Opportunities - How much more could our loan volume grow if our frontline is engaging and listening to our members all the time?

Creative Solutions - Are we instilling enthusiasm, passion, motivation, and creativity within the workforce? Are we taking ownership in it, nurturing it, and maintaining it?

Webinar 2

3 Steps for a Successful Sales Culture

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Attitude - Do our employees have passion for what they do?

Engage - Do our employees go beyond the transaction and really talk to our members?

Listen - Do our employees really listen to the members or just perform the transaction?

Webinar 3

Seeking Solutions and Overcoming Objections

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The sales process either never begins or stops abruptly. To keep this process going, we will focus on the following:

  • Asking qualifying questions
  • Evaluating and seeking solutions
  • Overcoming the easy and the most difficult objections

Webinar 4

Follow-Up and Follow Through

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Every thriving sales organization lives and breathes success with two words, 'Follow-up.' Without a detailed follow-up strategy, any successful sales culture will risk fading away. Without committing to this strategy, we may jeopardize our members' loyalty and future business opportunities.

This Training Really Works!

Here is an example of a credit union that has adopted and followed these crucial sales training elements. Compare 5 key factors of their 2011 March FPR vs. their peer group:

Midwestern Credit Union ($139 Million Total Assets)

9.70% Loan Yield
8.39% Loan Growth
12.81% Membership Growth
27.61% Asset Growth
2.32 ROA

Peer Group Numbers:

6.10% Loan Yield
-4% Loan Growth
1.30% Membership Growth
12.43% Asset Growth
.54% ROA

"A strong sales culture is crucial for credit unions in this tough, competitive economic environment. This 4-Part Sales Training Series will give your trainers and staff the tools they need to implement and grow a culture in order to meet all of our member's short and long-term needs."

Jack Kelly, Jr.
Vice President of Sales


"Jack Kelly has spent his entire life in sales. He understands it as well as anyone in the business. Jack has a unique way of connecting with people, they like him, and he makes it look easy! You won't want to miss his Sales Training Series!"

Rex Johnson
LSCI President/CEO




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