Customized On-Site Consulting

Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. is the only place you need to go for your credit union's consulting and training needs. LSCI has the leading experts in every field with proven track records in large and small credit unions alike.

How can LSCI help you meet goals and exceed member's expectations?

Our leading experts come directly to your credit union to work with your employees based on the needs and goals of your credit union.  Our consultants are available to come to your credit union, for as little as one day to one week, based on the size of your credit union, your specific needs and budget.   There are also optional programs for on-going training services which include follow-up visits and monthly motivational calls with staff.  

Many credit unions find it beneficial to have a Portfolio Analysis completed prior to our visit.  This will allow the consultant to review a sampling of your loans and will us an idea what areas the credit union needs the most focus.  More importantly, it allows our consultants to use your own examples for training purposes, which will provide ownership to current issues you may be facing.

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Our On-Site Consulting format can include:

  • Working one on one (including call center, branches, new accounts, etc…)
  • Performing live demonstrations with your members in front of you staff
  • Training sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Meeting with Management/Board of Directors
  • Optional University of Lending brought on-site for additional cost


Based on your credit union's needs, our consultants can focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding how to explain and build your member’s credit score (score enhancement)
    • Understanding the score direction and how a low 700 credit score with perfect pay history may be a risk
    • The significance of the pecking order of the credit score codes/descriptions
  • Decision Making
    • How to serve the underserved
    • Understanding the high yield philosophy and HYLS
    • How to package loans in a manner to encourage successful repayment
    • How to build the application and loan notes to approve a greater number of potential turndowns
  • Sales & New Members – building other income
    • How to successfully sell ancillary products (including GAP/credit life and disability)
    • How to avoid the one and done scenario
    • How to compute interest rates of the competition and illustrate the savings to your member
    • How to review the credit report/credit score on how to identify potential sales
    • Building the referral opportunities for loans – looking at the internal process
    • Teller training – how to review the profile screen for sales opportunities
  • Collections
    • Perform and demonstrate collection calls in front of staff
    • Review collection notes with holes with staff
    • How to maximize the sale of your collateral

On-Site University of Lending

Rex Johnson's renowned University of Lending (U of L) is now available on-site at your credit union.  This will allow to cut costs on travel expenses while training your entire lending/collection staff in one visit (Depending on the size of the credit union).  The On-Site U of L has the same curriculum of the U of L, including the new manual which has the latest information on:

  • Lending in Today's Economy
  • High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) Underwriting Guide
  • Policies and Pricing
  • Concentration Risk
  • Open-end Lending

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