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On-Site Consulting

LSCI is Your Strategic Partner for On-site Consulting & Employee Training

Educating staff in the most cost and time-efficient way means that on-site training is often the best solution for many credit unions. Lending Solutions Consulting (LSCI) will train as many or as few employees as requested, meeting the needs, goals, and budget of your credit union. We deliver with a high level of competence and energy to your staff where it is most convenient and engaging. With your staff in-house, downtime is minimal and work-flow moves steadily forward.

LSCI is your strategic partner for On-site Consulting and Employee Training that features a blend of proven principles with effective customization in order to ensure optimal solutions for participants. For as little as one day, one week, or ongoing training as an option, consultants work one-on-one with credit union and management teams from service to board, with front-line staff simulations and live member-centered interactive demonstrations. Our hands-on approach can help raise your credit union’s performance and outcomes.

Customizable Topics Brought Right to You
Private and customizable, LSCI can train employees from an extensive array of topics & based on your credit union's needs:

• Cross-selling / Sales
• New members / On-boarding
• Strategic planning
• Analysis of current processes and staffing
• Lending & decision-making
• Credit report
• Score enhancement
• Collections
• Branch/Call center


An Interactive Learning Experience Designed to Fit
The format of On-Site Consulting can include:

• Working one-on-one (including call center, branches, new accounts, etc.)
• Performing live demonstrations with your members in front of your staff
• Classroom-style training sessions
• Breakout sessions
• Meeting with Management/Board of Directors
• Curriculum from the University of Lending (additional costs apply)


Recommended Preparation
Many credit unions complete a Portfolio Analysis prior to bringing LSCI on-site.  This allows our consultants to review a sampling of specific loans which indicates the areas where the credit union needs the most attention.  Additionally, consultants incorporate personalized examples for training purposes, which grants greater ownership over current lending issues.


On-Site University of Lending
Rex Johnson's renowned University of Lending (U of L) is now available on-site to train your entire lending/collection staff.  The On-Site U of L has the same curriculum of the U of L, including the new manual which has the latest information on:

• Lending in Today's Economy
• High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) Underwriting Guide
• Policies and Pricing
• Concentration Risk
• Open-end Lending


Key Differentiators

LSCI recognizes that the benefits of training on-site outweigh traditional methods:

• Convenient location
• Cost savings
• Expert instructors
• Customized curriculum
• Consistent learning experience
• Flexible time-frame
• Dynamic content


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