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Sales & New Members

Sales Culture

Does your staff need motivation to sell and look beyond just "filling the order?"  Our high energy experts will motivate you and your staff to achieve world class results.

  • Implementation of an incentive program that will best fit the credit union's needs and achieve your goals.
  • How to successfully sell ancillary products (including GAP/credit life and disability)
  • How to avoid the one and done scenario
  • How to compute interest rates of the competition and illustrate the savings to your member

New Members

  • How to review the credit report/credit score on how to identify potential sales
  • Building the referral opportunities for loans – looking at the internal process
  • Teller training – how to review the profile screen for sales opportunities

Score Enhancement

  • Stay up-to-date on latest credit report trends
  • Understand the components of the FICO scoring factors 
  • Improve knowledge of the score code meanings
  • Help members improve their financial future using the score codes
  • Develop life changing score enhancement skills to serve ALL members