Smart Loan Audit

Time for a check-up?


Lending Solutions Consulting Inc.’s (LSCI) Smart Loan Audit will prepare your credit union for its next examination and significantly boost quality assurance results. Examiners strongly encourage credit unions to review 10% of monthly loans.  The hard reality is that quality control takes a back seat to daily credit union functions and tasks.  Our monthly audit is customized based on areas you may be struggling with including:  Direct, indirect and/or high ticket loans including large unsecured loans.  LSCI, the premier consulting group, has helped over 3,000 credit unions achieve strong earnings and low delinquencies.

LSCI’s Smart Loan Audit Examines:

(Targeted to ensure credit unions maintain compliance)

•  Loan decisions made within credit union policy

•  Documentation required per policy included in loan file (i.e. proof of

    income, employment verification, etc.)

•  Loan notes to ensure proper documentation and justification for any

    loan exceptions made.

LSCI Provides Analysis on the Following:

•   Whether the reviewed loan decisions are in the best interest of the credit

     union and member

•   The trend the FICO score is headed, which can ultimately influence

     the appetite for risk

•   Whether the maximum loan income potential was received on the


                o   Recommended rate/pricing on loan was achieved

                o   Cross-selling opportunities identified and closed

                     (including ancillary products)

Design Your Own Package:

LSCI’s Smart Loan Audit is priced per loan to ensure all credit unions can participate in the audit process.  It is also customized to fit into your credit union’s budget and needs.

“Quality control and asset quality and have become a top focus of examiners as they report that credit unions are the least prepared for it.  Most often due to time constraints, credit unions struggle to achieve high marks in the quality control department.  This is where LSCI comes in.  It’s time to get smart!” - Rex Johnson, Founder of LSCI

For more information contact Scot Vackar at (877) 915-7675 or email