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e-FrontLine Referral Workshop - Online - May 21, 2020

Thu May 21, 2020 - 10:00am to 3:00pm
Hosted By: 
Lorrie Wohlfeil

All class times are CST

LSCI's Frontline Referral Workshop is a cost effective and remote training solution to help maximize face time with members at the window. Frontline employees must be part of the solution to learn how to take basic transactions and turn them into meaningful loan opportunities where members understand the value of the CU. If all frontline employees could refer two members a day for a loan, imagine the growth in the bottom line!  This training recognizes the contribution of our frontline employees to feel invested in the mission and purpose of the credit union and increase customer satisfaction. Perfect for all member service employees, LSCI will show you how to best qualify each member and refer them for a loan using proven strategies, real member profile screens, and sample referral cards.

After this training, frontline employees should be able to:

• Use the basics of score enhancement to increase the chances of referral and improve the credit score
• Determine the best products to offer a member based on the member profile
• Build trust and a lifetime relationship using a step-by-step process that includes small talk
• Review the best products a credit union has to offer and the best way to sell each


This class is perfect for tellers, member service reps, and other frontline employees.

*This is an interactive, online workshop taught by Lorrie Wohlfeil.




$395 per attendee

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