University of Lending - Crystal Lake, IL - September 17-21, 2018

Mon Sep 17, 2018 - 8:00am to Fri Sep 21, 2018 - 12:30pm
Hosted By: 
Jack Kelly, featuring Rex Johnson

Designed for loan managers, member service representatives, loan officers, collectors, and more, the University of Lending brings credit unions to “serve the under-served” at their maximum potential and with an interactive learning model as dynamic as the teams we train.  Attendees will return educated, motivated, and ready to make a difference for your credit union and members.

The University of Lending is the foremost training school for credit unions. Over the past 20+ years, Rex Johnson and his team have trained more than 30,000 individuals, helping credit unions achieve dramatic improvements in their loan yields, ROAs, and member service practices.

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Crystal Lake Holiday Inn
800 S. Route 31|Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Corporate Rate:  $99/night
*Please call 815-477-7000 for reservations 
**Reference ''Lending Solutions Consulting" to receive rate.

Hotel deadline: 8/17/18

About Crystal Lake

The Northwest Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake is a short drive from O'Hare International Airport.  Crystal Lake is also centered near several major arterial roadways and is served by the Metra commuter trains via the Union Pacific rail line for easy access to the city of Chicago.

Learn How To: 

The University of Lending Covers:

     •  The importance of loan yield

     •  Score interpretation and direction (including score codes)

     •  Decision-making for the most challenging loan applications

     •  How to identify cross-sells and guaranteeing members buy-in

     •  The true meaning of member loyalty

     •  Techniques of peer credit unions having financial success

     •  We provide attendees with individual financial performance reports, which pinpoints where the credit union is losing money


$1695 per attendee
$1395 per return attendee
$850 per CEO/Board Member



O'Hare Airport offers a wide chioce of rental car agencies.  If you prefer to take other transportation we can recommend the following:

Limousine Service - H & M Limousine Service (800-323-8262) 
The fare is $54.50* (1 person/1 way/Shared car from O'Hare Airport to the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake) and then $10.00 for each additional person in your group.
(*rates may change w/o notice)

Taxi Service - Taxi service is available at the airport however fares to the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn can run $75.00-$95.00.

Hotel Shuttle - The Holiday Inn offers a complimentary shuttle service within a 5-mile radius of the hotel between 7am - 11pm.

Classroom Agenda: 

Daily Breaks:   Morning Session – 9:45 am     Afternoon Session – 2:00 pm


8:00 –   8:30 a.m.     Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:30 –   9:00 a.m.     Welcome and Overview

9:00 - 11:30 a.m.        Our Philosophy/Everything is Changing 

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.    Lunch

12:30 –  4:00 p.m.    Scoring Models

We will present everything you need to know about scoring models, and:

  • How to recognize good scores from bad scores, & what direction the score is headed
  • How to make better decisions & see how “E” paper may be “A” paper & how “A” & “B” paper may be “D” or “E” paper
  • What makes a score change & how some loans you thought were good are being charged off

4:15 -  5:15 p.m.       Cocktail Party


8:00 –   8:30 a.m.     Continental Breakfast

8:30 –  11:30 a.m.    Scoring Models - continued

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.    Lunch

12:30 -  4:00 p.m.     A New Way of Looking at the Member's Score

  • "The Trend is Your Friend": The importance of looking at score direction in decision-making
  • Credit unions need yield.  With our new High Yield Lending Strategy Underwriting Guide (HYLS), you will be able to approve loans you never dreamed of & start serving more members by making loans, regardless of their score.


8:00  –    8:30 a.m.   Continental Breakfast

8:30  –  11:30 a.m.    The Biggest Risks are Debt Consolidation & Indirect Loans

  • How to make a loan that you would normally turn down if you ask the right questions
  • What loans shouldn't be made
  • The importance of note-taking and Letters of Understanding

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.    Lunch

1:15 –  4:30 p.m.      Lending Solutions, Inc. Site Visit

4:30 –   6:30 p.m.     Dinner 


7:00 –   8:30 a.m.     Lending Solutions, Inc. sponsored hot breakfast

8:30 – 11:30 a.m.     Bankruptcy

  • How to avoid bankruptcies by easily recognizing what causes them
  • Questions surrounding Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • How bankruptcy can actually become an asset!  

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.    Lunch

12:30 -  4:00 p.m.     We Are All About Solutions

  • Interviewing skills and taking risks
  • There is always a solution.  Find solutions for all your members before they make up their own


8:00 –   8:30 a.m.     Continental Breakfast

8:30 – 11:30 a.m.      How to Build Your Portfolio

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate staff & the attributes of a good sales person
  • Identify you have the right people & show them the right techniques
  • Sell Credit, Life, and Disability to over 80% of your members
  • Cross-sell to new members & build your loan portfolio

We’ll also provide proven Incentive Programs that work & all the tools to be a super salesman, help more members & enhance income.

Wrap Up and Adjourn

 11:30 - 12:30 p.m.   Lunch 

Classroom Topics: 

Score Enhancement - Learn:

  • The overview of the components that make up a scoring model.
  • How to explain to a member why their score is what it is.
  • How to show a member how to DRAMATICALLY improve their score to earn lower interest rates.
  • How to use Score Enhancement as the best cross-selling tool to dramatically drive up loans.
  • The importance of holding seminars and providing free credit reports to members.
  • How to recognize and understand credit bureau codes and definitions.

 Decision Making – Learn how to:

  • Start asking for crucial information, not just the standard questions on the application.
  • Analyze the application and the credit bureau report.
  • Spot hidden opportunities.
  • Make the marginal loan.
  • Interview a member and direct the conversation with members while they are on the telephone.
  • Avoid bankruptcies, but have members that do file become an asset.
  • Understand the bankruptcy basics.
  • Reject a loan without upsetting a member, to create a lifetime relationship.
  • Close loans with a letter of understanding.
  • Use our HYLS Underwriting Guide.
  • Find solutions for all your members bvefore they make up their own.

Sales Skills – Learn how to:

  • Approach members in person and by telephone. The credit report is your biggest cross selling tool, are you using it?
  • Explain a product and its features, as well as creating a desire for a product.
  • Explain the benefits of insurance products, such as credit/life disability, extended warranties and others.
  • Sell 90% credit life and disability.
  • How to implement a meaningful Incentive program
  • Discover your members’ requirements, then meet and exceed them.
  • You will not only approve loans while the member is on the phone, you will also learn how to close the loan.
  • Take advantage of new member opportunities.
  • Market your products to the high-yielding member.


High Yield Lending Strategy -- Answer the following questions:

  • Are we turning down potential loans and income by sending members to finance companies?
  • Are we being too selective?
  • Are our most creditworthy members going elsewhere for a better deal?
  • Are you tired of financing mistakes?
  • Can we help the C, D, and E paper members get the same deal the A+ member gets?
  • How to reach out to high-risk members and show them you not only want to, but WILL help them.
Additional Info: 

Food & Entertainment

The University of Lending provides a continental breakfast every morning, lunch everyday, and dinner for one night. We have highlighted other eating options at your disposal:

Lunch:  The U of L provides lunch Monday through Friday.  Each day lunch varies, consisting of one of the following: Traditional Italian fare, hamburgers, Italian beef and chicken, deli sandwiches, and Mexican fare. We also feature vegetarian selections.

Cocktail Party/Meet and Greet:  Directly after Monday's class, we sponsor a complementary Happy Hour in the Holiday Inn lobby. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and hors d'Oeuvres are served. While you get to know your classmates more, Rex Johnson and his staff at Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. will be on hand to talk with you as well. 

Wednesday night is typically the favorite night for our students. The evening begins after lunch when we bus students over to Lending Solutions, Inc. (LSI) to tour corporate headquarters/call center in Elgin, IL. While at LSI, students will see Rex's teachings firsthand, as they sit in on live phone calls, observe training classes, etc. After the tour at LSI, students will bus over to Pinstripes, ( a unique dining and entertainment venue.  Dinner consists of your choice of filet mignon, grilled chicken, or fresh fish. Rex and his U of L staff will be in attendance. This is another great opportunity to talk with Rex and personally ask any questions you may have.  If you have brought a guest with you, they are welcome to attend.

On Thursday morning, executives at LSI sponsor a hot breakfast (Consisting of eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns and pastries) at 7am. This breakfast is not mandatory to attend but LSI cares greatly about your opinion and are interested in your thoughts about the tour. Please note this is the only hot breakfast of the week, so we feel it is worth coming to.

Local Restaurants  

The Three Oaks Lodge, serving traditional American cuisine, is the Crystal Lake Holidy Inn's signature restaurant.  In addition, there are dinning options for every palate available nearby.  These include:

Around the Clock   
5011 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake
(815) 459-2100

Buffalo Wild Wings  
5755 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake
(815) 356-0333

Chili’s Grill & Bar
5620 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake 

Colonial Café  
6000 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake 
(815) 455-5055

Duke's Alehouse & Kitchen
110 N Main St. - Crystal Lake
(815) 356-9980

Georgio’s Chicago Pizza & Pub
75 E. Woodstock Street - Crystal Lake

Nick’s Pizza & Pub  
856 Pyott Road - Crystal Lake 

Noodles & Company
4912 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake 
(815) 459-4400

Outback Steakhouse 
4751 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake
(815) 479-5161

Panera Bread:  
6000 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake 
(815) 444-8875

Portillo’s Hot Dogs  
855 Cog Circle - Crystal Lake 
(815) 788-0900

Richard Walker Pancake House 
5680 Northwest Highway - Crystal Lake
(815) 479-9000

1176 Restaurant
397 Virginia Street - Crystal Lake
(815) 356-1776

Texas Roadhouse  
835 Cog Circle - Crystal Lake 
(815) 356-7427

Three Oaks Lodge (Holiday Inn)  
800 S. Route 31 - Crystal Lake 
(815) 477-7000

Wings Etc  
5899 Northwest Hwy, Crystal Lake, IL 
(815) 444-8180


Restaurants - Algonquin Commons (7.5 miles)

1524 Randall Road - Algonquin
(847) 658-5040

Bonefish Grill  
1608 Randall Road - Algonquin
(847) 658-9268

On the Border 
1512 South Randall Road – Algonquin
(847) 658-1676

Thirsy Whale Bar & Grill  
1700 S Randall Rd - Algonquin 
(847) 458-8555


Local Fast Food Chains

McDonalds (2 Miles)  - Taco Bell (2 Miles)  - Burger King (2 Miles) - Wendy's (2 Miles)  - Culvers (1 Mile) Chick-Fil-A (1 Mile)

 *Holiday Inn staff can provide directions and assistance.