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Free - High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) Webinar

Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 12:45

The password to download the webinar slides is Rexhyls2010 Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. ( and Lending Solutions, Inc. ( are proud to announce a FREE WEBINAR focused on Rex Johnson’s all new automated online decision model, HYLS. This revolutionary model will stop your employees from seeing only the present and will teach them to look beyond the score and predict future repayment success. Mr. Johnson believes this model is a “virtual crystal ball” and will forecast the future of the member’s credit score over the next six to nine months. This model works by adjusting the traditional credit score. If the score is increased it will illustrate the member would be a safer risk and an opportunity to build yield. If the credit score is lowered, this may warn your lenders to look out for potential risk and spend more time on developing the members’ qualifications. No other model in the industry looks at:

  • Score direction
  • Identifying inflated income by calculating “cash out” and refinances
  • Unsecured debt as a percentage of gross annual income
  • Secured debt as a percentage of gross annual income
  • Residence and employment stability
  • Membership loyalty

If you are already using the HYLS Underwriting Guide, your credit union is still invited to watch the show. Rex will be going through the individual factors and the new additions we have integrated with the latest version of HYLS. All credit unions will also have to register for the two week HYLS trial because of the upgraded software. HYLS is the best predictor of future repayment success to ever hit the credit union industry!