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Webinar 13: The Death of Credit Cards For Credit Unions

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 12:00

The Death of Credit Cards for Credit Unions - All of you are invited to attend the funeral. Webinar 13 Will Cover: - How to build your credit card portfolio to 70% pentration - Sales incentive programs you should have - How to set goals for cross-selling - Having your credit card cannot be an option - Start taking risk, quit being afraid of everything - Right Product Mix - Platinum only - Rewards optional - Pricing - Rates - Fees - Measurement - How is your portfolio performing versus other credit cards? - How is your portfolio performing versus other products the credit union is offering? Financial Performance: - How profitable is your portfolio? - Importance of interchange income - Reviewing invoice statements from processor for charges that bring no value to your credit union Organization Structure: - Everybody is in charge and no ones in charge - Should this position report directly to CEO?