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Webinar 21: High Yield Lending Strategy Decision Model

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 07:00

Our all new, online, automated Underwriting Guide is the first of its kind! No other existing model uses the member's qualifications to guide the decision makers! Introducing Mr. Credit Report & Miss Application As The New Mr. & Mrs. HYLS: Have we fallen into a pattern which allows the credit score to drive the decision? Many consumers who file bankruptcy had HIGH credit scores at the time of filing, yet they still went bankrupt! In conjunction with discussing Rex Johnson's new HYLS Underwriting Guide, we will explain 24 factors that are critically overlooked during the interview process. Also included is Rex's new loan application that will drive decision makers to develop the applications more thoroughly!

How The Guide Works:

  • This Guide adjusts the traditional credit score:
  • An increased score will illustrate the member could be a very good risk despite their low overall score
  • A lower score may warn your lenders to look out for the potholes that may lie ahead despite their overall high score
  • It will drive lenders to look at the positive, while others are looking for a way to say no