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Webinar 25: Concentration Risk

Thursday, September 2, 2010 - 12:45

The NCUA recently sent a supervisory letter to all credit unions stating, "Credit union officials and management have a fiduciary responsibility to identity, measure, monitor, and control concentration risk." Concentration Risk must be managed in conjunction with other lending risks such as credit, interest rate, and liquidity risks. A negative event in these categories, as well as concentration risk may have significant consequences on other areas. What Rex Will Cover: - The different types of risk and how to indentify them - Measuring the exposure you may currently have - The need for a risk rating system - Reporting that is going to be required - A Concentration Risk policy to include in your own policy manual "This webinar will help get you prepared for the Concentration Risk Supervision. The NCUA will not back down on this; We must be prepared when the examiners come in and we must take it seriously!" --Rex Johnson, LSCI Founder