Webinar 34: Debt Consolidation Loans - From Due Diligence to Dollars Earned

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 12:30

Debt consolidation loans are arguably the hardest loans to decision, but they can also be the most profitable. Have we given our decision makers the tools to underwrite these loans? Webinar 34 will focus on: . How to incorporate debt consolidation loans into your loan policy o What limits make sense based on credit score . How to effectively interview the member o What is the member's motivation; why today, why us?

  • Why has their current debt load become uncomfortable for them to pay?
  • How to underwrite a debt consolidation loan
  • How to detect inflated income characteristics
  • How to steer clear of the disastrous band-aid loan that typically ends in bankruptcy
  • How to close a debt consolidation loan
  • How letters of understanding should fit into your closing
  • How collectors fit into this process

Consider the following: A "B" paper member with a $15,000 debt consolidation will earn two times the loan revenue over the same member financing a car loan with you. Using the same required payments the member has been making, they would be debt free in 42 months. This is a win/win for everyone!


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