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Webinar 35: Sub-Prime Auto Lending

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 12:30

Are We Sending Members Swimming With Sharks? 
Are We Headed Toward the Same Downward Stream as the Housing Bubble?

Webinar #35: Sub-Prime Auto Lending 
Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 1pm Central | Presented by Rex Johnson

Webinar 35 Will Discuss Current Sub-Prime Trends and How to Achieve Success With Your Sub-Prime Portfolio. Topics covered will include:

• How extended terms are making our jobs more challenging
• How rates are reaching all-time highs constraining consumers’ budgets 
• How the Fed is fueling the sub-prime market
• How to look at factors beyond the score to increase probabilities of repayment

What role do credit unions play in the sub-prime market? Credit unions are there to help its members, but at what cost? Are you setting members up to fail by putting them in cars they cannot afford? What’s the alternative-sending them to the sharks? 

Your MSR’s and lenders will receive much needed clarification on what loans below 600 make sense and what essential questions to ask during the interview. They will learn from other credit union’s examples where they went too far and in contrast where they were able to place the member in a car loan that performed.

Don’t miss the chance to give employees more confidence 
when helping members that need it most!

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