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Webinar 36: Collection Note Taking Techniques

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 13:00

Presented by Karin Brown

Can Reading Your Collection Notes Cause Blurred Vision? 
Webinar 36 will guide collectors to utilize analytical skills and the techniques of proper note taking to reach the goal of 20/20 vision. Notes should guide collectors to make more informed decisions when identifying solutions on accounts. We must have the foresight to act intuitively and quickly to reduce expenses and seek profitable resolutions. 

A Few Areas Webinar 36 Will Cover:
• Using credit reports - Collectors will analyze trends over time 
• Issuing workout loans to benefit all parties
• Taking back the collateral at the right time
• Identifying causes for the default

Who Should Attend? 
Collectors and lenders should both attend Webinar 36. Discussing resolutions and trend analysis works best with a team approach! Karin Brown will demonstrate proper collection note techniques and will highlight the significance of getting all the facts. 

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