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Webinar 38: Score Enhancement: Get Your Members' Credit Fit

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 07:00

Members must be educated on their credit when they join and every time they apply for a loan.  Companies are offering services guaranteeing they can boost consumers' credit scores, sometimes instantaneously.  We don't want our members going elsewhere for a free service that the credit union should provide.

Webinar 38 will cover the following topics:
  1. What actions drive the score up or down?  - Do members and employees know that our credit card will boost their score?  Do we require members to close credit cards when they don't need to?
  2. The pecking order of score codes - Learn the importance of score codes in the decision and rebuilding process.
  3. What direction is the score headed? - A low "A" score with no late payments may be far more dangerous than a 580 former bankrupt score.  Know the difference.
  4. Score Enhancement - The best cross-sell tool guaranteed to have you members saying 'yes' to saving money.

Simply disclosing the score will no longer get the job done!  Coaching members with strategies to improve their scores will build loyalty, referral opportunities, and new loan opportunities.  We must also provide our employees proper conditioning giving them the confidence to engage in meaningful discussions.  Webinar 38 will show you how!