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Webinar 40: Online Training - Maximizing Credit Card Profitability

Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 13:00

Don’t let the competition get our business, our revenue, or our members!   Lending and sales consultant, Jack Kelly will show you the techniques and strategies to GROW your credit card program and INCREASE other income at the same time.  Your credit card portfolio should be highest yielding product in your overall loan portfolio.  Webinar 40 will also show employees how policy changes will allow more approvals while maintaining a reasonable delinquency.  

Ask Yourself The Following:

  1. Do you measure your credit card yield separately from other unsecured loan products?
  2. Is your credit card portfolio your highest yielding loan product?
  3. What is your current outstanding credit card portfolio balance?
  4. Are new members subjected to the “$500” standard credit limit?
  5. Are new members subjected to a “6 month” wait period before they can get a credit card?
  6. How often are you reviewing individual’s limits?
  7. Are your tellers, FSRs and loan officers trained on how to give the member our card or are they trying to sell it?
  8. What is your maximum credit limit?  If you have one, why do you have one?
  9. Are your employees trained on the features and benefits of not only our card but our competitor’s cards as well?
  10. What incentives are you paying employees for putting our card in our member’s hands?


If your credit card penetration percentage with membership is below 40%, Webinar 40 is vital to your bottom line!