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Webinar 45: First-Time Buyer Programs

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 13:00

Hosted by Ed Swanson

First-time auto buyers represent a very lucrative, yet potentially risky portion of your membership. In Webinar 45, Ed Swanson will show you how to build a successful first-time auto buyers program while avoiding the common pitfalls.

Webinar 45 will:

Provide first-time auto buyer lending guidelines such as loan-to-value, payment-to-income, etc.
Demonstrate the importance of a good interview
Outline other “non-reportable” attributes such as successful rent payments, cellphone bills, etc.
Show real-world examples of poor first-time auto buyer loans and successful credit union programs
“If you’re like most credit unions, you’ve probably run into some trouble lending to first-time buyers. My webinar will show you how to build a great first-time buyer program by providing you with specific guidelines and procedures to follow.” – Ed Swanson