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LSCI Webinars

Cost: Free - Platinum Members, $349 - Non-Members

For more information contact David Johnson at 877-915-7675 x64.

Webinar FAQs

Q: What is a webinar?

A: A webinar is an interactive online seminar. 


Q: Where can I find more information on webinars?

A: Please direct your browser to www.webex.com for the most detailed description.. 

Q: Can I view a live demo of a webinar?

A: Yes, at www.webex.com you can join a live demonstration of a webinar or view an archived webinar at your leisure. 

Q: How long do the webinars last?

A: 60 minutes for the presentation and 30 minutes for a live Q&A.  


Q: Can I request a certain topic to be covered at the webinars?

A: Yes, please send all topic requests to  David Johnson  through our contact us Page. We will try to base our webinar topics on the most requested areas of interest.

Q: Where can I view the webinar?

A: Anywhere you can get online!  Your desk, your boardroom...as long as you are hooked up to the internet!

Questions? Please contact:

David Johnson

877-915-7675 x64



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