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Datesort ascending Webinar Title
05/31/2017 Webinar 46: CLIMBING the CREDIT LADDER
08/18/2016 Webinar 45: First-Time Buyer Programs
05/12/2016 Webinar 44: THE POWER of Smart Pricing Strategies
12/16/2015 Webinar 43: Cross-Selling Strategies to Build Member Loyalty and Embracing a "Pairs Great With..." Strategy
10/01/2015 Webinar 42: Collections - Optimizing Your Communication Strategy
07/21/2015 Webinar 41: Online Training - Driving Up Loan Yield
04/02/2015 Webinar 40: Online Training - Maximizing Credit Card Profitability
11/24/2014 Webinar 39: Lending to Members with Student Loan Debt
06/18/2014 Webinar 38: Score Enhancement: Get Your Members' Credit Fit
11/21/2013 Webinar 37: A Strategic Approach To Financial Literacy
09/26/2013 Webinar 36: Collection Note Taking Techniques
06/27/2013 Webinar 35: Sub-Prime Auto Lending
01/18/2013 Webinar 34: Debt Consolidation Loans - From Due Diligence to Dollars Earned
09/17/2012 Webinar 33: Credit Cards: The Untapped Resource to Building Your Loan Portfolio
06/05/2012 Webinar 32: "Indirect Lending - Drive Home Profits" by Ed Swanson
03/20/2012 Webinar 31: "Rex's Greatest Hits - Benchmarking From the Pros"
12/02/2011 Webinar 30: "Making 2012 Your Most Profitable Year Yet!"
08/25/2011 Webinar 29: The Nuts and Bolts of Credit Reports
06/14/2011 Webinar 28: Knowing When To Take Risk and Make Money Doing It
03/24/2011 Webinar 27: Interviewing Skills by Rex Johnson
12/02/2010 Webinar 26: Open-End Lending: Should We? Or Shouldn't We?
09/02/2010 Webinar 25: Concentration Risk
05/25/2010 Webinar 24: Focus on the Future - Lending & Collecting Today for a Better Tomorrow
03/25/2010 Free - High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) Webinar
12/18/2009 Webinar 23: In 2009, Was Your Credit Union on the Naughty or Nice List?
09/18/2009 Webinar 22: Credit Card Act Of 2009: How Will It Impact the Profitability of Your Credit Card Portfolio?
07/22/2009 Webinar 21: High Yield Lending Strategy Decision Model
03/06/2009 Webinar 20: Lending In 2009: See What No One Else Sees
12/16/2008 Webinar 19: Save My Credit! Sell Me a Solution!
09/12/2008 Webinar 18: A Crude Awakening...A Royal Pain in the Gas!
06/04/2008 Webinar 17: World Class Lending – What Does It Take and Are You Willing To Make the Commitment
11/01/2007 Webinar 16: High Yield Lending Strategy
11/01/2007 Webinar 15: Foreclosures and Repo’s: What Are They Costing You?
08/07/2007 Webinar 14: Motivating, Mentoring, and Making it Happen – Sales Training For Your Member Contact Employees
05/15/2007 Webinar 13: The Death of Credit Cards For Credit Unions
03/09/2007 Webinar 12: A Policy Manual That Really Works by Rex Johnson
12/12/2006 Webinar 11: Income Explosion - Turndowns are Nuggets of Gold by Rex Johnson
07/25/2006 Webinar 10: Why VantageScore May Be Your Best Option by Rex Johnson
04/25/2006 Webinar 9: How to Make Better Loan Decisions/VantageScore Info by Rex Johnson
02/03/2006 Webinar 8: Collections by Rex Johnson
11/08/2005 Webinar 7: Sales & Incentives by Randy Mims
07/26/2005 Webinar 6: Payday Lending by Rex Johnson
04/22/2005 Webinar 5: Loan Interviewing & Sales Skills by Brett Christensen
01/19/2005 Webinar 4: Indirect Lending by Rex Johnson
11/10/2004 Webinar 3: Decision-Making: A Lost Art by Rex Johnson
05/21/2004 Webinar 2: Making Good Loans to Your Higher-Risk Members by Brett Christensen


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Board members are arguably the most influential members of an organization. Here are a few ways your credit union can acknowledge directors during the holidays. 

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